This past weekend Greg and I were in San Francisco to celebrate James' and Virginia's wedding! It was a lot of fun and the most stress-free wedding I ever attended. You can tell everything was very well thought out and planned. The ceremony, hotel and reception were all within no more than 10 miles away from each other. The ceremony was very sweet and reception was entertaining. I thought Virginia's dad was really funny. They even had a translation speech with her dad and brother. It was hilarious! As Virginia said, it was unintentional humor. Her dad even started a soul train line on the dance floor! It was also really nice to hangout with Sheryl, Marvin, Sarah and Shane. We all got the chance to meet Sarah's fiance, he's perfect for her! We can totally tell that she's very comfortable around him and he has a good sense of humor too. We were laughing most of the time at the table since they were telling stories about Greg in his old Aesop days.

On Sunday, Greg and I met up with Paul's family for Sophia's baptism. She is so adorable! What a cutie! After the baptism, we went to Yat Weh for dim sum in San Francisco's version of Chinatown. The food was so good and there was so much. I wish I could have ate more, but I had to tap out after second servings.

Later on in the afternoon, Greg and I went up to Berkeley to visit Steven. We decided to take him grocery shopping so he can load up since he doesn't have a car. It was so nice seeing Steven again, been way too long. It was sad to say goodbye. We were talking about his future plans, hopefully he'll go to school in San Diego so he can be close by to the family. It's between SF and SD. I'm hoping for SD. Next time he's in town, we're going to take a trip out there so he can confirm where he wants to be once he's accepted from med school. I have a strong feeling that he might enjoy SD since the weather is nicer and he'll be close to the beach. Plus, he'll be closer to Jim since he's in Coronado training right now. I guess, we'll just have to see. =)

Overall, it was a very fun and relaxing trip! Greg and I were able to catch up on Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy. What an amazing and entertaining show I must say, even my bf is hooked...haha

Pictures to come once I upload them!! =)