Wowzers, has it been almost entire month since I've last posted what's been going on? Geez, this means more to remember in this short-term memory of mine...hehe. Let me list the higlights:

1) Celebrating Thithoa's Birthday - Maybeth came with me to meet up with Rosie and Thitam for a fortune telling session with Master Zeng. I must admit, I'm an astrological junkie, but not one to go see pyschic unless it's an event. So of course, I was open to see him for Thithoa's birthday. Ummm, can I say denial? Everything he was telling, I was yelling "no" inside. I just could not believe it, a tear even shed because of such tragic predictions. But I kept remembering one thing, he said our life is 40% scientifically mapped out for us, the other 60% is based on luck, location and what we make out of it. So my take on it? I'm banking on the 60% and creating the life I want =) I must admit though, it was hilarious discussing about our readings! haha

2) My anniversary with Greg in Vegas, it was so much fun! We flew out two weekends ago to go see "Love" and spend time with his parents. Right when we arrived, we met up with his parents for lunch. We went to the South Point Hotel for their buffet. I was stuffed like a turkey! I definitely recommend their buffeth though, it was such a good deal compared to eating the buffet on the strip. It was about $8/person and all-you-can-eat...on top of that, the food was really good too! I was impressed with their seafood selection!

Afterwards, we all took a nap and rested, then went to go get our massages at Massage Envy. It's one of the best massages I have ever received. They applied a lot of strength and released the knots on my back. It was so good that Greg and I checked out to see if they have locations in California and they do! It's another steal also! For $39, you get a whole one hour full-body massage and any style you prefer! It's their introductory offer, here's the link:

Once the massage session was completed, Greg and I went home to spend time with his parents and also get ready for the night to go see "Love." It was such an amazing show. I loved it! If you like the Beatles, you will enjoy the show. All the best tunes were played throughout the show and the acrobatics were unbelievable :)

It was a great weekend and it was so nice to spend time w/Greggy. Happy Anniversary Gilo! =)

3) Hungout w/Tree last Friday for my first Pinkberry experience and to go get some maintenance done. I went to Ziba for my eyebrows and we went to Rudy to get her hair done. She looked great! Rudy is a barber salon located in Melrose and Santa Monica. They are branching towards doing women's hair also and they are really good at what they do! Their style looks almost rock for haircut style if you're interested ;).

4) Saturday, I took the CBEST! I'm so glad it's done, the 4 hours of focusing was tough on me. It was so different taking the actual test without the television or computer in front of me...haha. I had no distraction of any sort, it was just me and the test.

After the test, I was hoping to see Wicked, but the girls told me that it was suppose to be for the next Saturday and not this one. So I'm hoping someone can buy my ticket from me or something cause I'm gonna have to back out from it since it's Tricia's birthday party that weekend. Finding that out, I decided to go home and spend time with my parents. We went to church and they were holding a Vietnamese New Year festival. I was able to see all the kids I use to teach holding up the fort and putting a great show! It was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of memories. Thitam came out too to spend time with her mom also, so it was a lot of fun =)

5) Sunday, Thitam and I went to church to lector for the mass. Then, we went to Chi Van's place to get our measurement for our ao dai - Vietnamese cultural dress. My mom is going to Vietnam so she's going to have a dress made for us! We were able to spend some time with Chi Van and she was telling us about her new job. I'm so happy for her! She's one of the patternmakers for a line in Nordstroms. I saw a lot of her pieces and they were really nice. One particular piece I'm interested in is a dress/cloth that can be converted into 10 different styles. I think that shall be my next purchase.

Once we were done with the measurements, we went to my parent's place to have some lunch, Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Tofu Soup. It was delish! I love my mom's cooking, I could eat so much of it and not feel guilty cause I know how healthy she is :)

After lunch, Greg and I went to Wine Tasting Classic Event. It was a lot of fun! Bristol Farms catered the event and I must say, until this day, I'm still in love with their cupcakes! It's too good to pass up! =) Markie and Rachel were suppose to meet up with us for the event, but they had a flat :( I felt so bad for them, I'm just glad they are safe.

So in conclusion of the event, the winners are ZD Wines and Miner Family Cabernet Sauvignon!

Greg and I headed to my place to relax a bit before we headed off to John and Karen's place for dinner. It was for John's and Karen's birthday! Time flies, I can't believe I've known John since I was in 7th grade, so that means we've been friends for 15 years. Yay, happy birthday you two! =) John ended up cooking the fish he caught last Friday. It was really good! Then, we were watching a comedy on dvd - Rex Navaratte...he's hilarious!

Yay, looks like I'm all caught up now!! :D