24 SET

Last night Tree and I went to the gym to find no available treadmills or elypticals. So instead of our usual training session, we decided to take the 24 Set Class. It was such a great workout! I think this is going to be our new thing going forward. It's basically like a weight-lifting and core-strengthening class. I loved it!

After class, we went to her place to have dinner and watch Grey's! Dinner was so good, I was able to be her little assistant in making caprese, salad and rosemary salmon...yumm! It was so healthy and tasty too! I really like her cooking, I'm so amazed at how something can be so good and healthy at the same time. My goal is to cook great-tasting healthy meals like her! It was really quick to prepare also, we took about only 20 minutes to complete everything and were ready to eat :) As for Grey's last night, it was soooooo good! Tree and I were getting teary-eyed throughout the end of the show. It was so sad.

Tonight, going to meet up w/Tree for another workout session! Then we're going to tofu house and have a home spa treatment night. Yay, can't wait! Good times! The rest of the weekend, mainly study on Saturday and at night go out w/Rosie, Thitam and Maile for a bday party at Cinespace. Sunday, meeting up Tree and Jen at the Santa Monica Stairs in the morning. Aftewards, meet up w/Het for studying and shopping. We figured we might as balance ourselves out right? Need to have some type of incentive after shopping =) Sunday night, probably spend time w/my parents. I feel like I haven't been able to see them lately. I miss them :( It's kinda nice moving out and having this feeling again...helps me realize to cherish the time I do have with them :)