Snow in So. Cal!

I know, totally unheard of, but that's what we experienced yesterday afternoon. The weather has been extremely cold for my taste, I know it's bad when I have to detach myself from flip flops and sandals =
Last two nights, I went to spinning class with Greg D. on Tuesday and yesterday, worked out with my coworker at the company gym. It was so nice to run again. I haven't ran in awhile and it felt refreshing to do so.

Got home and did some studying, although I have a pile of laundry to work on (sigh). I have been procrastinating and it's getting to the point where there is a cloud over my head raining, "do your laundry." I'll attempt again tonite! =)

So I've been taking a few breaks here and there as I study. During my breaks, I've been perusing through the internet. I love how there's so much info readily available for us out there.

I'm an astrological junkie and as some say, it's all how we interpret it. "They" say that if you believe in reincarnation, astrology is there for us to realize our characteristics in our past life so we can work and improve in our lives right now.

Some things I picked up are moon and rising signs! We have our normal sun signs, which pertains to our birthdate. However, we also have moon and rising signs as well, which may contribute to other qualities and attributes about ourselves. It explains why sometimes we may feel as if we're not our true sun sign.

The moon sign is our innermost feelings and thoughts, only those close to us and you can see this side. Your moon sign is important in determining your true soulmate. This is for the reason that they will understand you deeply for who you are inside and can sense your feelings.

As for the rising sign, this is how you portray yourself to the whole world and how everyone perceives you. To determine your moon or rising sign, you need your birthdate, birthplace and time of birth. If you're interested, here you go and enjoy!!