Happy New Year!!

Oh my, I know I have been lagging, stalling and being caught up in the midst of everyday life which includes the holiday parties, errands and what not. All in all, last month was a great month. Got to spend time with family and friends. I've been so exhausted after each weekend that I used my workday weekdays to recover, leaving me no motivation to blog. I feel so horrible =\ Oh wells, better late than never right? K, in a nutshell what happened last month:

- Wine Country Cycling Tour w/Greggy
- Christmas Party with the girls at Deva's Cookie Exchange Party
- Lizette's Birthday at 80's Club
- Het's Company's Christmas Party & April's Birthday at Zanzibar
- Meeting up w/Tree and Bev for dinner and some xmas shopping
- Dan's house party
- Seeing Pursuit of Happiness
- Hanging out w/Thitam, Mailie and Rosie just chit chattin' the night away
- Xmas dinner at Thitam's place - Del Taco style
- Santa Monica Stairs w/Tree
- Jimmy coming home for Xmas!!
- New Year's Eve party at the Queen Mary
- 80's club again w/college buddies
- Spending time w/my Goddaughter and getting her ready for her dance
- Doing errands w/Theresa
- Sushi at Naku's - funniest sushi chef in the Southbay
- Church reception and going to housewarming party w/Thitam
- Doing homemade workout sessions w/Tree
- Maybeth coming over on the weekend to spend time in Woodland Hills
- Cycling :)

Yeah, that's basically all I can remember at this point. I've been overdosed w/Sudafed all weekened long. Aaaya =\ Health is wealth, I hate being sick. I just feel so blaaaah and useless. It makes me sad when I'm sick cause that means no working out and I love my cycling class to even say no. So after a weekend long of rest, I'm hoping to jump back today!

However, I must admit, I really enjoyed just resting. I was forced to rest and it was nice to wake up whenever I wanted and take naps whenever my eyes felt heavy :) I started a tv series on Saturday night and completed the whole season Sunday morning. Talk about productivity right? I loved it! ABC.com and NBC.com launches all episodes of current season online. You must check it out! I saw the entire season of "What About Brian" and started on "Heroes."

"What About Brian" was pretty good and interesting. So much drama! I caught myself gasping and saying "Omg, I can't believe he/she did that" the whole way. Hey, keeps life interesting when you are sick in bed right? =) As for "Heroes," I enjoyed that a lot too. If you are into "X-men," you will enjoy "Heroes." It's the same theme of discovering powers and special abilities. I must admit, there's this one character on there, totally freaks me out. She's the stripper mom and her power has a reflection that follows her and tries to protect her. Aaaaya, reminds me of those days when kids would try to run in the bathroom and scream "Bloody Mary" numerous amount of times to see someone appears. Yeah, I'm not into that so much. Other than that, the show is really good itself. I just finished the first episode on "Heroes." Hopefully , I'll be done with the rest of the season soon.

Aside from my tv absorption, I have only been resting, taking it easy and doing some studying here and there. This week, gonna try to keep it chill and see what I have store this weekend.