Week of 11/27 - 12/3

Monday - Went to my first step class in years with Tree, it was fun! But I still need to learn how to get the routine down. For a moment in class, I just felt that as long as I was spinning and making it on the same side of the board as everyone else and not bumping into anyone, then I was okay :D However, I still need Tree to give me a one on one session of some of the names on certain movements. I love the music in the class, it was very high energy!

Tuesday - I tried attempting my cycling class but it was completely filled! Bummer =\ Nowadays, supposedly we must signup for a list so that we can partake in the class. My heart fell when the girl in front told me that because I was waiting for the class all day long. I absolutely love cycling now! :) Instead of cycling, I decided to workout on other cardio equipments.

Wednesday - I had dinner with Greg at Exotic Thai near his home and we stopped by Copelands afterwards. Greg and I went a little shopping happy since we needed to buy some accessories for our bikes like pads and etc.

Thursday - Went to fish and chips restaurant with Greg and my roomie, Lizette. It was fun! We were able to talk and catch up since we never get to see each other at home. I swear, I feel like I'm still in college...lol

Friday - I met up with Tree to go workout in Fallbrook. We crunched everything in an hour - elypitical, weight training and abs...it's all about getting fit 2007 as our theme! Afterwards, we went to Target to pick up some cleaning supplies, I never realized how much time we can spend in that section. We both got this new product called, "Method." All you have to do is spray it each time after you shower and it does the cleaning for you. I'll post a review after I have done my full evaluation on the product :). Once the shopping was done, we went to go meet up with John and Theresa for dinner at Pho So 1 in Reseda. Fun times, we talked and chatted all night. Then Theresa spent the night at my place and we chatted some more and knocked out.

Saturday - Went to Santa Barbara with Greg at the crack of dawn to Santa Barbara's Wine Cycling Tour. I loved it! Something I definitely recommend for the experience. It was just us two guided by our tour guide, Joe who took us around the wine country cycling about 30 miles altogether. We were able to stop by a lavendar farm, winery to wine taste, and it was followed with lunch. It was such a nice afternoon. If anything, it made me appreciate having Greg in my life. I'm so glad I found someone who can practically do everything with me. After Santa Barbara, we rested and watched Grey's Anatomy for 3 hours straight. Second season just gets better and better, I'm in love with Bailey (the natzi)...she has such a good heart and so dignified. Then, Greg and I got ready to go to Lino's & Lani's birthday party at an 80s club in Long Beach called, Sachi Bar. It was fun seeing everyone again and catching up.

Sunday - I woke up super early to make cookies for the Christmas Party with the girls. Not only did I have to make the cookies, I had to buy the ingredients that morning too. Thank goodness Greg was there to be my baking partner. We were able to make 60 pumpkin cookies and I was off to Aliso Viejo for Deva's party. It was so nice to see all the girls and we played White Elephant. I got some cute accessories! Thanks Theresa!

Overall great week, I can't complain....