Black Friday

Went shopping with Tricia and spent quite some dough, but we did good, we covered most of our list! It feels so nice to put a check and see the list reduce! I also tried a new method this year too! Online shopping! I love it, no lines and it's only me and what I need to buy. Online shopping is definitely stress-free, I love it! I just don't do too well when I'm in the mall and there are lines and people everywhere. It tends to be quite claustrophobic for me. Afterwards, Tree came over to my new pad to check it out and got to chit chat a little. Then, I called it an early night after watching Grey's Anatomy with Greg. I swear, we are addicted. It only gets better and better.

The next morning, I went to my first cycling class near home at the gym in Manhattan Beach. I think I found a new workout I really enjoy. It's fun and gives you such a rush. I definitely recommend cycling class to anyone. It's all you need to do at the gym and works out your entire body. You really do not need to do anything else afterwards.

Later in the day, Greg and I took Steven out for lunch. It was nice chatting and catching up with him. After lunch, we went to see 'Happy Feet.' It was such a cute movie! Then at night, I went out dancing with Thitam and Rosie. Good music and good times as always! :)

The next day, I met up with Het to do some more holiday shopping! Her and I did some damage. I swear, we were always like that since college. She was my shopping buddy and would be the person I could count on to ditch business ethics class and a e-board meeting for some therapy shopping. It was so nice seeing her again, it's been way too long :).