My other brother, Steven came home for Thanksgiving! It was so nice to see him again. I love it when he's home, my mom totally directs her full attention to him and forgets about me, which means freedom and no hearing about ways I can improve myself =P. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate her opinions and all, but it is so nice to get a break too :)

Other than doing the traditional dinner, I ran the Turkey Trot that morning! It was a lot of fun and I was completely drenched with sweat afterwards. I love a good workout to build up an appetite.

Speaking of working out, Tricia and I were anticipating to take a yoga class the night before at our gym and lo and behold, the class was cancelled but replaced with Tease! Can I tell you that I think I burned more calories laughing than the actual workout itself! It was ridiculous! Tricia and I thought we would take it so at least we can know how it is before we knock it. I felt like the biggest dork in that class, this is something you just need to be there to realize how funny it is but I can share some key phrases which had me rolling: California Roll, Slap It and Hello Kitty...hahaha. As I was doing some of the moves, I noticed how some of the people had their eyes close while dancing. Seriously, I felt like I was at a comedy show and you know me, I cannot hide my emotions too well. Every comment she would make, my jaw just dropped, wide-eyed and then I would look at Tricia and started laughing outloud. Well at least I can say, I did it and I am not ever interested in doing it again. But I must admit, it was so funny. It makes me still laugh thinking about it.