My mind has a trail of its own right now and the one thing on my mind is Chicago. I cannot wait to leave tonite!! =) Currently, I am at work right now and have a good full shift left, looking at the clock on the right-hand side of my computer, it is only 9:26am. I already have a list of potential things we can do on Thursday, since Friday and Saturday will be dedicated entirely to Jim. Here is the list of places to attack, but realistically, I know we are not able to cover all those grounds. However, the one with the stars, I'm definitely interested in seeing. Let's just hope Greggy will have the same sparks as I do too!

Art Institute of Chicago
Museum of Science and Industry***
Sears Tower Deck
Magnificent Mile
Dinner at Bluewater Grill***
Andy's Jazz Club***

Aaay, now it's only 9:33am. Other than Chicago, I've been thinking about my brother a lot and so proud of him! I cannot believe he finished his basic training in bootcamp. Hopefully, he'll be back home for Thanksgiving with the rest of the family. As far as Thanksgiving goes, I've been talking to a few friends and most of them already have ideas of what they're going to make. All I have planned is my Turkey Trot, which has no relevance to the dinner itself. So far, I have been able to gather a lot of ideas from all them and thought they were pretty cool to attempt. For instance, the pumpkin ravioli...sounds good right? Also, Tree's shepherd pie, I need to learn how to make that one.

Another idea for dessert is making chocolate bowls. What you do is blow up a balloon, dip it into melted chocolate and put in the freezer. Once the bowl if frozen, you can pop the balloon and serve ice cream in it! Pretty cool eh? I learned it from Nhi last night, she said it was a science experiment from her 6th grade class. The only thing I remember from my 6th grade project is painting styrofoam balls and attaching them to hangers to create the solar

K, I'm going to get back to work and try to finish up here so I will not leave anything behind when I'm away. For now, I'll just continue on my daydreaming of Chicago =)