Week 11-/6 to 11/14 Recap

Last Monday, Greg and I met up with Yeni, Carina, Nadia and Kenny for some Tommy's Burgers and Chili Cheese Fries! Good times, haven't seen them all for so long and it was nice to catch up. They were telling us how much LMU has changed since we graduated. The Loyola apartments is very modern looking now and they have structured parking underground. Also, tuition is $40,000 for room and board. It's almost double from the time we graduated. Can you imagine? A whopping $160,000 for all four years!

After hanging out, I went home and met up with Theresa. She was spending the night since she had a meeting the next day in Camarillo. It was fun! We chatted till 1:30am in the dark...so funny, reminded me of our old roommate days. The next day, I kept it pretty chill and relaxed at home to prepare my energy for the rest of the week.

Wednesday, it was Greg's Birthday!! That night, we went to Pho So 1 to celebrate with Arnold and his wife, Tree, Jonas and Lizette. Treejo surprised me with a cd, I'm lovin' it!! It was fun times too! It was pretty funny because I picked up an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and candles too. Well, when we brought the cake for Greg to blow out, the flame kept coming back up. Then I said, "Oh! Are these trick candles?" Greg looked at me, "Stop it Tam, you know what they are?" hahaha...Oh man! I really didn't know, I was framed and my own bf did not believe me =\ We ended up tossing the candles into a cup of water.

Thursday, I went grocery shopping for Greg's birthday party. After grocery shopping, I stopped by Treejo's place with some Sam Woo to watch Grey's Anatomy together. I think I'm hooked on Grey's. I cannot believe the things they come up with or the things that actually exist! Leaves me gasping at all times...

On Friday night, I had to do some more grocery shopping because I was looking for a particular ingredient, star anise. I finally figured out why I was not able to find it the first night. I pronounced it wrong. I actually called it star 'ay-nus'...lol....it's pronounced, star 'uh-nees'..ooops!

After grocery shopping, I stopped by the Woodland Hills mall and did some damage. I found some cute, black pumps for everyday work shoes. As an fyi, Nordstrom is having their semi-annual sale right now! Then I went to the Laura Mercier counter to pick up the oil-free tinted moisturizer and primer. Yup, they have the oil-free version now! It's better to use if you have oily skin. I have combination, so it works out better for me. I was using Bare Escentuals before and I liked it a lot too, but the process feels endless!! I just wanted something quick and easy, plus my skin was not handling the foundation everyday too well. So I switched back to the tinted moisturizer for daily use =)

Saturday morning, I spent all day cooking and preparing for Greg's party with his friends and family. It was a lot of fun spending time with all of them. We all reached to a point of food coma and had too many glasses of sangria to boot. Afterwards, we went to the Laugh Factory. It was fun! I love comedy shows, always puts you in a good mood. We even saw Kramer from Seinfeld perform!

Sunday, I slept in and went to Greg's place for lunch with his family. We hung out and then, his mom, Grace and I left to TJ Maxx to do some home shopping. I was able to pick up new throw pillows for my bed and bath accessories. Now, I'm just missing a throw to pull my bed together :)

Then, we dropped off Grace at the airport and went to mass at LMU. I love the mass at LMU, it always feels warm and inviting. When mass ended, his parents, Greg and I were all hungry and we went to Singapore Express in the Marina. After dinner, I gave them all a tour of my place in Woodland Hills and knocked out pretty early.

Yesterday, Greg and I were so tired. We ended up eating all the leftovers from this past weekend. We did pretty good, but there is still half of the food to attack before we take off to Chicago tomorrow night! haha...let's see how we do on day 2 of leftovers =) I went home to my Woodland place and had a quiet evening of reading. It was so relaxing that I went to sleep at 9:30pm. Lizette was even wondering if I was home or not...haha.

Tonight, I'm going to meet up with my friend, Nhi for dinner at BJ's. Then I'm going to pack up and get ready for Chicago! Woohoo! I can't wait to see my little brother, Jimmy!!