Catching Up....

I haven't posted on this blog for almost a week...yikes! Last weekend was Halloween and it was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone! We all met up at Tree's house and pre-partied, then we headed off to the Day After.

We had every occupation locked down within our group - nurse, chef, military sergeant, captain, pilot, native american, salsera, star trekky, school girls, contruction worker, sexy wizard and many more. It was fun times overall hanging out with everyone and seeing everyone dressed up! I swear, I think Halloween is such a girl event at times.

The next morning, Thitam helped me move to my Woodland Hills apt. It was definitely a long day, but we got lots done. My parents were pretty happy that they have more storage space and I was happy to have my own freedom and space. It was pretty funny because I had to rent a U-Haul for all my stuff and I had to pickup Greg from the airpot with it also. We do it big don't we? He must have been so embarassed, poor guy....Thitam and I probably looked like we kidnapped him.

The rest of the week, I was just taking care of my room and getting everything organized. This included closet, bathroom and etc. However, I am still living out of bags...I am due to purchase a dresser soon. It's been fun living with Lizette, I feel like I'm in college all over again.

On Thursday, Greg and I met up with TreeJo for a sleepover and watched tv the entire night. I am a new fan of Grey's Anatomy. I can't believe how addicting that show can be and I cannot wait till I see the rest of Season 1 to be able to learn about the characters more! =)

Friday night, Greg and I went to Thai's Suprise Bday Party that Lizette had organized. Poker must be the new thing because every time I go to a house party, it is always an activity. I have not mastered the game at all, but I really wish there was "Craps" to play. Poker is a bit too serious for me and I am a horrible liar so it does not make the game any easier. But of course, I cannot knock it till I try it so I'll try to learn it some more =).

The next day, we went to Maybeth's Housewarming/Birthday Party. Her new home is sooo sweet! I love the entryway to her place and how it opens to a grass area. Her kitchen is open to the common area. It's very modern, sleek and chic :D The perfect place for her! Congrats girl! It was nice catching up with everyone, karaoking and some were playing Poker. (See, twice in one weekend) Later on that night, I just went home and chilled out at my Gardena house. It was very low-key...loved it! I haven't had one of those for awhile.

Sunday, I went to go read for mass in the morning and then met up with Thitam and Maile. We went to the florist shop for our class on how to make Thanksgiving floral arrangements. It was so much fun to make and I wish the flowers could last all the way till Thanksgiving. It's a great class for only $30, you get to learn how to make arrangements and take two home!

After class, we had Wendy's and dropped Maile off. Then, Thitam and I were off to the Beverly Center so she could have her makeover at MAC. Her makeup was amazing, I loved it! She looked gorgeous! Then again, she's an awesome canvas to work with too :) I was sold and bought myself a new makeup brush #217. I could not resist when the artist told me she swears by it. It's similar to the crease brush, but different because it takes on more color and less flimsy than the crease brush. I tried it this morning, I can confirm =).

After the makeover, we went to the Grand Luxe...yummy!! One of my favorite restaurants! The waiter gave us the whole history on the Grand Luxe. The owner initally wanted to open a Cheesecake Factory in the Venetian and was not allowed since there was a venue in Ceasar's Palace. So the owner decided to put more money out and asked the Venetian to create another restaurant similar to Cheesecake Factory. Now we have the sister restaurant, "The Grand Luxe Cafe."

Thitam and I went through a taste explosion last night, the food was so good! I definitely recommend it! We ordered the asian nachos, chicken pasta with garlic cream sauce and the hot molten chocholate cake. I was honestly kind of scared eatting the cake because it was so rich and good that I knew I was a due for a big zit the next day =P. But it's all good, it was worth it :D

Later on that evening, I stopped by Greg's place and just went to go practice on his keyboard. I'm attempting to play Canon In D. One day, I will get the entire song down....till then, practice makes perfect right? =)