"The Secret" based on the "The Law of Attraction"

Of all the things that I have read and been taught, I would have to say the movie, "The Secret," is one of our best available source. This documentary was created in Australia and it's a visual self-help book, where some of our most famous inspirational authors and leaders share their beliefs and values.

It focuses on energy and how it affects everything that is going on in our life. How we project ourselves is what we are attracting. By changing our mind and simply thinking positive and believing in ourselves, we are able to let our lives manifest itself. On the other hand, thinking negative can lead us to bury ourselves in a truly deeper hole. Things don't happen by accident, they happen because we are attracting it some form or another. If we take the time to switch our mood, we'll have the chance to notice how our perception can change a good day into a bad day or vice versa. The beauty of life is that we have the opportunity to control it and it's all in the power of the mind. Our destiny is truly in our hands.

Throughout life, we go through various phases. We have a process of dreaming, believing, time delay, and achieving. With the dreaming phase, it's important to write or have a visual of what we would like to achieve one day. This can be done by writing it down on a note or mirror and even a board full of pictures that represent your goals. It's basically made to tailor towards you. Aside from dreaming, it's important to know how it feels to achieve it, whether it be material, habit, love, health goal and etc. This will help us realize the significance of reaching our goals and encourage us to go forth in it. After dreaming, which is where the power of the mind plays in is the process of believing. We need to have faith and feel comfortable that this is attainable and to remain positive. There was a quote in the movie that best represents this phase:

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase - Martin Luther King, Jr.

As long as we believe in ourselves, we will be able to attract the energy and people that will help guide us to our goals. It will happen on its own. Then, there's the time delay we would experience of why our dreams are not happening now. I thought it was profound what the movie pointed out. The reasons why it does not happen instantly is to give us a chance to realize if we really want it or not. In addition, when things happen too easily, it is more difficult to feel a deep sense of gratification because no work was involved and no time to reason. With reasoning, it takes time to take the consideration of both your feelings and mind.

Throughout the movie, it pointed out to enjoy life and to live the best possible life, it is important to always feel grateful. By feeling grateful, you can achieve all and give the love that you receive. I remembered watching Oprah one day and how a school was inspired by her gratitude journal. It was an elementary school in New Jersey. The 1st grade teacher had all her kids begin a journal of how grateful they feel and their reasons. They would then share their stories with the entire class (ie. helping their mom and dad setup the dinner table, walking a friend to the bathroom and sharing their school supplies). Once it started, the principal noticed a change in the students' behavior and grades. The principal decided to have the rest of the school start a gratitude journal and it's amazing how the kids had their own self-transformation. It's important to instill this positive reinforcement at an early age and it's always heartwarming to see this world change one by one.

This movie touched me so much that I wanted to share it with all my friends. Thanks Thitam for sharing this source of information to me, you're a true one...love you girl! 19 years and going, you're still as wonderful as the time I met you. You've grown to be a true inspiration. Thanks for being one of the lights in my life!