On Monday, I was so excited to email Yajaira and find out about her trip. She just came back from Europe with her hubby last Friday. She had a chance to stop by France and Italy. Her favorite was Italy! I cannot wait to see the pics.

Aside from hearing about Yajaira's trip, I've been on a constant battle with my allergies. I took my allergy medicine once I got home and it knocked me out at 7pm. I could not believe I slept over 12 hours on a weekday. Although it says non-drowsy, I don't know because I took the same medicine Tuesday at work and I was struggling. Not a coffee, m&m bag, or sugar rush was cutting it for me. I couldn't wait to go home, so what did I do? I went to the gym and it felt a lot better. It actually rejuvenated me and I was good to go the rest of the day. I love working out, gives me so much energy and momentum. Greg and I were able to go to dance class also. We practiced the rumba and swing.

For the rumba, you form a box step rotation and it goes a little something like this: quick, quick...slow. For the swing, it is slow (front), slow (back) and rockstep. I had such a good time! I'm lovin' this class! It's just hard to get to the class because we get kind of lazy, but once we're there, we have such a great time. :)

This morning, the girls and I were all able to find a place to go this Saturday. It's the Day After in Hollywood. Cheers to good times! I can't wait!

My favorite moment talking to Tree about this event:

Tree: So, there's a place 'the day after tomorrow' that we can go to and it'll be mixed crowd, playing all types of music...what do you think about that?

Tam: Ummm....I don't know, I don't know how I feel about partying on Sundays....

Tree (laughing hysterically and calling me on the phone): You dork!!! The 'Day After' is a club, I didn't mean literally!

hahahaha....Ooops! I'm blaming it on the allergy medicine :D