Thursday, Friday, Saturday and on Sunday, we all rest....

Thank goodness for Sundays and Red Bulls or I would be one unhappy, restless person :). Last Thursday, I went out for a work event, our client took us out to dinner at Alessio's in Thousand Oaks. I felt so grateful to have the opportunity to taste such a delectable course. We had lobster-stuffed mushrooms, calamari, fried mozarella, sea bass, spumoni and etc. In addition, my glass was completely filled with champagne each time I took a look at it. Seriously, by the end of the night, I pretty much lost count. If work can always be client dinners, I think I would have a ball :)

Friday night, I met up with Tree, Marilyn, Michelle and April to go out to Saddle Ranch. We went to go celebrate a birthday of an old high school friend, Chari. It was so nice to see her again and also Mike too, who also went to high school with us. I'm either in denial, but I swear everyone looks exactly the same as I remember them :). I actually felt something in my chest when I saw Chari again, it's been so long since I've last seen her and she was part of my high school memories. Almost like the warm, tingly feeling and the I can't believe it's you emotion? I haven't seen her since I graduated, which was about 8 years ago.

Other than that, I had so much partying with the girls! We actually pre-partied at the Magcase's home and had Belvie vodka with cranberry. Catch this, I mixed it with the splenda version cranberry. Kinda taste like jello, no? But hey, at least I can be healthy while I'm having fun too right? :)

Afterwards, we were off to Universal City and danced the night away. Then we went to Del Taco to chomp away and get ourselves all sobered up. Can I say, TreeJo are such a cute couple? Once we got back, there were toothbrushes and stuff all laid out for us. (Sigh) They're going to make wonderful parents! I love them :D

Saturday morning, I met up with Het for some chai at her house. Got to check out her new fancy, remodeled bathroom! It was very nice and perfect for her. Then, we went to the costume store. My 'Harold and Kumar' idea did not fly with Het, so we had to opt for another costume.

We went to a place in La Mirada called, "Halloween Club." This has got to be one of the largest halloween stores I have ever seen, it was practically a warehouse for one holiday. So Het and I were perusing through the many costumes available. As time passed, the more claustrophobic I began to feel with each new body entering the store. But the feeling went away when we both found something to wear this coming Saturday! Het will be our mile high captain and I'm going to be a geisha. Halloween here we come!!

After shopping, I went to church to go help out with our installation of the pastor mass. I was setting up and also preparing for my second reading. At the time of practice, I was pretty relaxed but when the actual mass begin at 5pm. I was feeling a little warm and nervous seeing all the bishops and priests. Then, I sent a prayer to God thanking him for my only 5 lines to read :D

Thitam and I met up after church to get ready and go out to Highlands with Celestina. It was so much fun! Music was good and lots of dancing. Seriously, my feet were hurting. We were on our foot from 10pm - 3am.

We KO'ed at Thitam's place and I met up with Greggy the next day for lunch. Greggy and I decided to meet up in Westwood for David & Pythias. It was a good time and we were able to walk around Westwood too. So much has changed since the time I was in college. We later did some grocery shopping and errands for the rest of the week.

Definitely, it was one of my most eventful weekends. Lots of memories with friends and Greggy :)