On Friday the 13th, I had dinner with the Focalares. The Focalares are a group of lay minister and live their lives almost similar to nuns, but they also have their own job too (i.e. teaching, banking and etc). There purpose is to unite every religion and race together in support of their leader, Chiara Lubich. Dinner was very nice since I had the opportunity to listen to all their experiences and why they chose to become a Focalarina. It was moving and heartfelt moment to be able to share their emotions and goals. At the end of dinner, they showed me a video of their Youth event in Europe, which took place in 1995. One of the key things I remembered from Chiara's speach touched upon freedom from yourself. She mentioned in order to experience full happiness and freedom, it's important to give. When you are giving yourself to others, whether it be time, an ear to listen, a laughter, you will be able to save yourself and experience what it feels to be free. Love and caring for others, makes you less worried about yourself and focused on those around you.

Saturday, I woke up around 12pm...very late for me right? I think I was trying to go for a sleeping marathon, it is definitely very nice to wake up without an alarm and no rush to go anywhere. It was the perfect Saturday morning/afternoon :) After I woke up, I got ready to go to Thitam's and Rosie's BBQ. It was a lot of fun with lots of food and drinks. We had Korean BBQ, bacon wrapped shrimp with pineapples, mini-fajitas, spinach artichoke dip, and chicken. We also had beer to compliment the food to boot! It was delish. After the BBQ, Maile, Rosie, Thitam and I just chatted the whole evening and morning away. I didn't end up going home till 3am. I know, what possibly could we be talking about? lol...just catching up on everything in general :)

The next morning, I had to get up at 7am to go read for mass with Greg. After mass, Greg and I went to the Getty museum together to see the new exhibits. They were doing a special on photography. One photographer who touched me through her work was Mary Ellen Baker. She's amazing! They had a black and white photo of a 13 year-old girl from Seattle, who's maturing before her times. She was dating older men at that age and by the time she was 32, she had 9 kids. I will post the picture once I get everything uploaded.

After the museum, we went to go meet up with Greg's parents for movies and dinner. We saw, "The Guardian." It was a very good movie and reminded me a lot of Jim. It made me appreciate what the US Coastguards do for us a lot more. It's not an easy job at all and I was surpised how much was involved in their line of work. Then we had dinner at Wild Thai in Howard Hughes. It was fun catching up with his parents, they're such fun people!