Where shall I begin?

Last weekend, Greg, Markie and I took our mountain bikes out for a ride from Marina Del Rey to Redondo Beach. We biked a good 30 miles and had lunch at a crabhouse in Redondo. It was the best crab I ever had. I loved it!! It was fun taking the peaceful ride and enjoying some great seafood.

I also had the chance to see Bernie and Clara on Saturday to catch up and see how things were going with them. We had an opportunity to share 'Jimmy' stories, so it was nice to reminisce. Afterwards, I went out with Thitam and Maile to 'Saphire' in Redondo Beach for her client's new line promotion. Fun times overall!

Throughout the week, met up w/Tree and Jonas for Mongolian BBQ. We pigged out like no other, we even got seconds..yikes!! Then, Greg and I had Coldstone's afterwards. Talk about no self-control right? Oh wells, at least we're enjoying ourselves :)

Greg and I took ballroom dancing classes on Tuesday and Wednesday for fun too! We had the chance to learn the Fox Trot, Swing, Rumba, Salsa, and etc. We only learned the basics of each style of dancing. We signed up for some more lessons throughout the month. So far, so good...I really enjoy the Rumba :). Some things I've learned about dancing:

- When you dance the waltz, you feel as if you're above ground.
- The rumba, it gives a feeling as if you're dancing below the ground
- Fox Trot, you are in equilibrium to the ground....

All week long, ballroom songs are just playing in my head while I tap my feet to the beat. I know, I can be so dorky sometimes =P