Great news!

My family just received notice that Jim arrived to Chicago okay and we have an address so we can send him letters now. No packages allowed though, but at least we have letters right? :) It's back to the old-fashion snail mail. So I already wrote his first letter and I'm going to make sure it's sent by this weekend.

Last weekend, I just came back from Toronto for Greg's cousin's wedding. Eric and Mary were together for almost 9 years and they finally tied the knot! It was such a beautiful wedding, great food, people, and ambience. Everything was perfect. It was my first time meeting Greg's family, they are so much fun and such lovely people. I thought it was very cool how his family is so diverse, he has a lot of different nationalities representing. This includes Jamaican, Indian, Burmese, Italian, and etc. The nieces and nephews are so adorable!

Grace, Greg, and I had the chance to stop by Niagara Falls. It sort of reminds me of UC Berkeley. Niagara Falls was really nice, but the surrounding area was kind of odd sorta speak. After Niagara, we stopped for shopping in Toronto. My goodness, shopping there is so much fun! They have all the European stores at affordable prices. I could have done lots of damage, but suprisingly I was well-behaved and got only 3 tops from H&M. I love that store! Supposedly, they will be opening another location in Topanga Mall, which is 5 minutes away from where Lizette and I will be living.

After shopping, we met up with Greg's family for dinner and stopped by his Grandma's place. She is so cute! I like how when she talks to Greg, she cups her hands and whisper into Greg's ear. I wish I had a camera that time, it was a sight to remember :).

The next day, we met up with the rest of the family for eating, eating, and more eating. I swear I was due to break a seam off the dress I was planning to wear to the wedding. But who could deny good food right? :)

Saturday was the official wedding day and we all had so much fun. Grace was my official partner at the open bar. It was kind of funny, each time we ordered, we had to have them double splash the vodka and every time we stopped by the bar, we had to take a shot. It's hard to say no to family and we ended up losing count of the drinks and shots. Then we danced with his family to YMCA and other songs as well.

Sunday afternoon we had to leave and it was pretty sad. We wished we had more time to stay to spend time with his family. This only means we have another trip due to Toronto. I love it out there, it reminds me a lot like New York. I must say, they have the best chips I ever tasted my whole entire life. Yeah, I's a pretty loaded statement, but I mean it :D Ruffles All-Dressed Dressing is the way to go!

This entire week at work have been so busy that I had no time for anything. I was a slave to excel and glued to my desk unless I need to pick something up to eat or go to the restroom. Thank goodness quarter-end and month-end is over! Wooohooo!

Tonite, I'm leaving to Vegas for Het's birthday!! It's going to be fun times!! We'll be flying out at 10:20pm and staying at Treasure Island.

3 Things I'm Grateful for:
- fridays to keep me sane...
- chai tea to fill my sweet cravings...
- digital camera to capture my memories...