In Memory of 9/11....

While I was at the gym yesterday watching Ellen, they touched upon the events that took place from 9/11/01. The day before 9/11, I was on my way home to California. I was flying United Airlines from the Newark Airport in New Jersey. My flight was supposed to be delayed till the next morning, however, they pushed our flight to go out first. I remember receiving phone calls from family and friends of where I was, I told them I was in Los Angeles and it did not dawn upon me of what had happened until I heard the news on the radio. My heart broke when I heard of all the people who passed away.

Yesterday on Ellen, they showed a special on Anne Nelson. She was 30, lively, a bond trader for Cantor Fitzgerald at the World Trade Center. Anne was one of the many lives that was taken away from all of us on 9/11.

The only memory her parents have of Anne was the laptop she left. Her parents never tried to open it because it was too painful. A few years later, they had the courage to see what were in her files and they discovered a folder name, "Top 100." At first they did not bother opening the folder because they thought it was a music collection. Then out of curiousity one day, they clicked and found Anne's list of goals in life. It was a list to be the best person she can be and to live the most out of each moment. That night, her parents felt as if they were talking to their daughter again.

What was beautiful about the list is that it was not about obtaining material goods, it was a list to be the best human being possible and living every dream and desire. A few of her goals are listed below:

1. Be healthy/ healthful.
2. Be a good friend.
3. Keep secrets.
4. Keep in touch with people I love and that love me.
5. Make a quilt.
6. Nepal.
7. Buy a home in North Dakota.
8. Get a graduate degree.
9. Learn a foreign language.
10. Kilimanjaro.
11. Never be ashamed of who I am.
12. Be a person to be proud of.
13. Always keep improving.
14. Read every day.
15. Be informed.
16. Knit a sweater.
17. Scuba-dive in the Barrier Reef.
18. Volunteer for a charity.
19. Learn to cook.
20. Learn about art.
21. Get my C.F.A.
22. Grand Canyon.
23. Helicopter-ski with my dad
25. Appreciate money, but don't worship it.
26. Learn how to use a computer.
27. Visit the New York Public Library.
28. Maine.
29. Learn to write.
30. Walk — exercise but also see the world firsthand.
31. Learn about other cultures.
32. Be a good listener.
33. Take time for friends.
34. Kayak.
35. Drink water.
36. Learn about wine.

After 36, there is a 37, but it is blank.

This special touched me, one of the girls who was moved by her story talked to the parents and said, "Ever since I heard about your daughter, it made me start my own list of what I want to do in life. Each time, I check of what I accomplished, I think of your daughter and all the lives from 9/11."

It's amazing to hear about people like Anne Nelson, she left an imprint in all of our hearts. She inspired so many to help make this world a better place and be the best version of ourselves.