Penn Valley

Greg, Tree, Jonas and I were in Penn Valley this weekend to visit Shy, Jim, and the newborn! His name is James Parker Frank. He is the most adorable kid ever. I'll make sure to have a picture to post soon! He has the coolest haircut ever. A cowlick right in the front, creating an Elvis hair with no effort. He's a natural :D

Things that I'll miss about the little guy...he's not fussy, loves to be in the midst of sound and noise, likes to be shaken like a polaroid, his long toes, cool hairstyle, and down to go everywhere with his parents.

On Saturday morning, we cruised around the lake and went wakeboarding. Then we stopped by a local grocery store to pick up some lunch and breakfast for the next morning. After lunch, we headed out to a trail and played frisbee/disc golf. I had so much fun! We attempted wakeboarding again, but I was a 'no-go' or should I say a 'no-up'? I couldn't get myself up at all. But it was fun even trying to do so. It's definitely something I would like to try again. This weekend was full of outdoor activities, I absolutely loved it!

Aside from the activities, I finished a whole book, "Lovely Bones." It's about a 14-year old girl, named Susie Salmon, who was murdered by a cruel neighbor. It explains the process of her going into heaven and witnessing all the events that took place after her death. The story touches upon forgiviness and letting go.

Honestly, this book freaked me out a bit. I finished the book around 11pm and was determined to complete the book for the reason that I did not want to open it up again. I'm a chicken when it comes to spirits and ghosts. I couldn't sleep and had to drive too. I kept picturing a girl with blonde hair in a white shirt dress popping out in the middle of the street. Aaay, that's my own bad, freaking myself out on my own free will. Baaagh on me =
The only reason why I bought the book was for the reason that it was on the Bestseller's List and so many people raved about it. I must admit though, what makes this book good is that it is real. We should not be oblivious to our surroundings. There are a lot of people we cannot trust out there and it could even happen in the safest areas.

However, it stirred a fear in me. For instance, how am I going to protect my friends and family from it one day?

Judging from the book, it's always best to follow your gut instincts. I always believe God is talking to us through those moments and to listen to what he is saying. This intuition applies to all aspects in life - love, survival, driving, and etc. God gives us a choice and advice to what he thinks is best for you. We choose our path and destiny. We either try to listen to our gut or ignore it and let it come back to us later.

Sometimes, we choose not to listen to it at all and learn it the hard way. But it's good to fall because how else would we learn. It only makes us stronger and wiser to prepare us for the next journey. There's a reason for everything that we are and do in's like a good book, it will reveal itself in the end.