Today, I'm off to Sacramento!

I can't wait, but I'm pretty bummed finding out that Marilyn and Chris are not able to go. I did not realize until I checked Tricia's blog.

So let me tell you about the most random dream that I experienced last night. For the most part, I never remember my dreams, yet this is the first one I can recall. It's not the most happiest of all dreams, but I was so perturbed by it this morning that I had to research about it.

The Dream:

Around me were all my friends that I cared about, including old and new. We were at some social gathering and I met a new friend, but could not recall his face. He just gave me a little small momentum, about 3 inches tall. It almost looks like a little toy. A little while after, I went outside and started coughing. It became heavy and blood came out of my coughs. Then, I was on the ambulance bed and passed away. After that incident, Greg was right next to me and a pianist too. He played 'Canon in D.' All of a sudden, I awake from the coughs and I was alive again.

Supposedly, after all the dream interpretation research, I felt more at ease. It indicates that when we dream of a death or near-death experience, it means that we're going through changes in our lives. A time when we will feel reborn and leave our past behind.

If this dream is a cause of me moving my desk today, then that is quite bizarre. Hopefully, it's just not only that right? :) I guess it might pertain to me moving in with Lizette next month. Maybe that's the next phase of my life and what the dream was suppose to signify. K, I'll stop...I think I'm thinking too much now. The analyst in me needs to calm down at times. It's my job, not my life :)

But to touch on the topic of me moving next month, I am absolutely excited! I cannot wait to move and experience a normal commute. My new found freedom once again! No more curfews, rules, and etc. Life is going to be great (sigh) :D

I've been thinking a lot about how to decorate my sleeping area. I know, I'm corny like that sometimes. Don't know if I should go modern or shabby chic. I love the modern look since it's classic, but a part of me wants to make it fun, whimsical, and eclectic to taste. So right now, I'm thinking of which style I would like to achieve, then color scheme, and furnitures and accessories.

In the beginning of October, Lizette and I will check out her new home and we'll work on decorations for the entire place. I absolutely love this type of stuff. So, in the meantime, I guess I'll try to decide to go for modern or shabby chic.

Alrighty, I'm off for the weekend! :)