Yesterday, my coworkers and I went on a running trail to the MASH ground site. We started around 5:30pm and ended about 7pm. It was a great trail, about 5 1/2 miles, wide running space, and nice scenery. I ran for the most part, but walked on the uphills. It was pretty cool to see where the MASH show was taken place and we were able to spot a truck, ambulance, and helicopter pad. I had no idea that they filmed the show in the San Fernando Valley till last night.

One incident where I was completely disgusted happened at the end of my trail. I opened my mouth to catch some air and lo and behold, a fly shoot straight to my mouth. Gosh darn it, I was so traumatized and drank water to wash it away. Eeeww!

Here are some pics from the trail:

After the trail, Greg and I went for sushi. Yummm, my favorite. We went to Yokohama's for some saba, spicy tuna roll, and spicy scallops hand roll. Then we went for dessert at the cafe next door, got some boba and read magazines. It was such a nice night. I was even able to finish, 'Jemima J." Let's put it this way, I can give the ending but I'm choosing not to. Trust me on it that it's a great book and very heartwarming. It's a feel good book any girl can enjoy...I absolutely adored it :)

Today, we're taking our intern out for her last day. We're having sushi at Cho Cho San. It's a revolving sushi restaurant in the San Fernando Valley. I honestly feel so spoiled right now getting to have sushi two days in a row. I think I could honestly live off this stuff. After work, she wanted to go to the Bebe Outlet and then we'll head to the football party at my coworker's place. My coworker, Bruce used to own a restaurant and is known for his ribs and bbq's. I can't wait since he'll be cooking tonite!

I'm not carnivorous in nature, but I can enjoy a good steak or rib any day. I think Thitam is slowly breaking me in 'cause she loves meat! Every time I'm with her, I would actually pick a burger, steak or etc. I'm glad cause I'm appreciating it a lot more nowadays. Especially with some good wine, it's incredible ;)

One more day till this weekend and one more day till I'm in Sacramento. I'm such a procrastinator, I have no excuse but to pack by tonite because I know tomorrow, I would have to head straight after work. This weekend is going to be so much fun! Hikes, lakes, and all the outdoorsy stuff! But most of all, finally get to see Shy and the family. Sacramento here we come :D