Last night, I was supposed to go to Pilates, however it did not end up working out, so I decided to watch "Take the Lead." It's the dancing movie with Antonio Banderas and a group of students. I must admit, I was pretty disappointed. Acting, storyline, and dancing was only mediocre. Yet it left me confused because it was a true story. Usually, I would feel inspired if it's a true story but this one was not moving at all. I think it was partly due to lack of character development. No stories or background were formulated and no explanations too. (Sigh) Funny how a good movie makes you feel afterwards and when it's bad, you're left a little sad.

Other than that, I'm currently reading 'Jemima J' by Jane Green. She is hilarious. It's about a girl experiencing her first true love for the very first time. The story takes place in London, Jemima meets someone on the internet and begins a relationship through chat rooms and email. Then one day, she decided to meet the mystery man, a gorgeous man named Brad from Los Angeles. He wanted to see her picture as well, so she sent a digitized photo of herself that is 100lbs. less. Before meeting with Brad, Jemima puts herself into a rigorous workout schedule and diet. She did not want Brad to think she was a fraud in disguise.

Through the process, she discovers new friends and relationships, Geraldine and Ben. She's going out and having fun for the first time. They both work with her. Geraldine is her girl confidante and Ben has been her office crush for the longest time. But Ben only considers Jemima as his closest friend.

So where I'm at in the story is that Jemima is in Los Angeles with Brad. She's having the time of her life. Brad is perfect as she envisioned and has everything going for him. But Jemima starts questioning if this is it for her. She doesn't think that he is the one, although he was something she saw lots of potential in the beginning. She still has feelings for Ben, but thinks her and Ben can never be. Brad had just ask Jemima to stay with him for 3 months and she agreed.

That's it for now as far as they update goes, I can't wait to see what's next. Reading from the book, I like Brad but at the same time, it seems forced on Jemima's part. Almost as if she's trying to make the relationship work even though she picked up some signs that he might not be right for her. In terms of interests, they honestly don't really have anything in common. I think she has more similarities and hobbies that she can share with Ben. With Brad, it just seems more physical and hopefully Jemima will see that in the end.

K, that's enough of my book synopsis :)

Aside from reading, I'm going hiking with my coworkers after work today. It should be fun and a good workout :) Tomorrow, my coworkers and I are going to sushi for my intern since it's her last day till she goes back to UC Santa Barbara. Then probably have a party for her at night. I'm gonna miss her, she's so much fun.

Friday, I'll be heading out to Sacramento with Greg, Jonas, and Tricia. I can't wait! It should be a lot of fun. We're going to visit Shianne's baby, Parker. He was born July 15th. He is so adorable! Should be a fun and relaxing trip out.

Speaking of all these things, I really need to get started with my packing. I don't think I need to pack that much since it's only a weekend trip. The lighter the better. I love travelling during the summertime, compared to winter. Sweaters, boots, and jackets always take up so much room.

Oooh! Just reminds me, I really need to get going on finding my passport before I go to Toronto the third weekend of this month. I'm looking forward to that trip too! Although quite nervous as well, it'll be my first time meeting Greg's entire family. It'll almost feel like "meeting the alumni's," and going through a chapter review. It should be fun though, his family sounds like a lot of fun, I've heard so much about them already. Can't wait to experience the fall in the northeast! I love the trees, leaves, weather that time of the year. It's so gorgeous!

The only thing I'm kinda nervous about is my mistake of buying the dress so early for Greg's cousin's wedding in Toronto. I thought I was catching a good sale, but I haven't tried the dress on since then and I'm kinda worried it might not fit. Oh pray for me or I might just have to bust a "Jemima J" routine the next three weeks. =P