Labor Day Weekend...

I must admit, this was one of my most relaxing weekends. I absolutely loved it!

Friday - hungout w/Tricia during the day, got a haircut, shopping and at night, met up with Theresa and Reena for boba and watching, "Shall We Dance" at their new home.

Saturday - went to go running on the sand dunes w/Carol and had brunch with her, then dance practice and just chilled out at night w/Greg.

Sunday - went to the 50th year anniversary of my mass and performed and went to Alex's, Daryl's, and Ade's birthday in Long Beach.

Monday - bbq at Yajaira's and got to meet Kayla - Carmen's daughter! She was soo cute!

It was so nice to have an easygoing weekend. I think it was packed but the only thing different this weekend is that I got a chance to read. It was so much fun devouting my time to a good book (sigh). I'm currently reading, "Jemima J" from Jane Green. It's hilarious. I find myself chuckling so much while I'm reading. It's a great girlie and fun story. What a great weekend! Plus had the chance to hangout with friends and worked out too. I can't complain.

It was basically my perfect day I always envisioned, but all sprawled out within 3 days. :D