Two weekend ago, Steven was in town. Greg and I took him around Southern California. I realized that there's not much to do in aside from physical activities out here. There are museums, restaurants, and etc. But for some reason, it's not the same as SF or NYC. We are not free to walk around everywhere and just explore the city. It's either that or I'm really missing NYC lately. It's been almost 2 years since I've last been there. I miss the culture, environment, the vendors in the street, and my friends.

While we taking Steven out, we went to a pet store and I fell in love with the most adorable pomeranian ever. I'm really considering, I love it but I'm scared of taking care of it =\. It really does seem like a child. I have to honestly bust out my pros and cons sheet to really decide if a dog is something I am ready to take on. Gut instincts, I want it but I really should hold off on it. In the meantime, there's no harm in gazing at his picture. He is absolutely darling eh? :) (Sigh) I think I'm falling in love. Greg was so sweet, he knew how much I have been researching and looking for pomeranians so he got me a book, "Marley and Me." I can't wait to start on the book and just debrief about it. Greg figured that I can experience how it is having a dog by reading it first and knowing all the things involved before I turn it into a lifetime commitment. This dog is too cute to me! I just love how friendly and cuddly he is :)

Afterwards, we had a celebration for Rosie's Birthday at a Japanese/Italian restaurant called, "Il Chianti." It's located in Lomita and the food was really interesting since I love the two cuisines separately. Afterwards, we went to "Chakra" for some fun times dancing the night away. I loved it because the music was great, parking was not difficult, and a $5 cover. I think Manhattan Beach is the new place to party, better than the hustling and bustling of Hollywood.

The day after, Greg and I went to Marilyn's Birthday Party. It was a picnic in the park at Cheviot Hills. It was so fitting because at the park, there was a gym and aparatus for the dogs to workout. If only I had a dog to take around right? Other than that, we had some good times playing games - water balloon toss, pinata, and steal the bacon. The guys turned 'steal the bacon' into flag football. Thank goodness Kara and I were referees!

Later on the evening, Greg and I met up with Maybeth to watch, "Step Up." My review over the movie, storyline and acting was not that great but the movie was definitely entertaining because of the dancing.

Monday evening, we celebrated Rosie's intimate birthday dinner at Thitam's house. It was so nice! We did an asian-fusion theme and the dining table was decorated. Thitam's mom made spring rolls and pork, Maile made the chicken lettuce wraps and cucumber cups, Greg and I brought the spinach dip and cream-filled strawberries, and Mike brougt the sake for the cucumber cups. It was delish! A night to remember :)