Lately, I've been suffering from a cold that have lasted for almost a month now. It's as if my coughs are part of my everyday cycle, not one day have I not chuckled one out. But slowly, I am on my way to recovery and it feels damn good :). Other than that, I've been almost travelling every weekend.

Some highlights from late July and early August:

*John and Karen's Wedding - It was beautiful!

*Lunch w/Sandy at Clay Oven in Sherman Oaks - This was a champagne brunch buffet and was absolutely delish, I think we were at the restaurant for a good 3 hours :D

*Greg's Dad's Birthday Dinner at El Rincon - Cuban restaurant in Culver City, one of the best Cuban places since the food is very good, authentic, and reasonably priced too!

*Going to Vegas twice in a row - Fun times!! I fell in love with "Grand Luxe Cafe." It's a subsidiary of Cheesecake Factory and their salads are phenomenal.

*Palm Springs - I love the restaurant we went to called, "Tastings." It's a wine tasting restaurant and for each entree, we had a wine pairing to it. Just delectable!

*San Diego - Went to "Extraordinary Desserts," and it was just simply amazing.

*Dinners with Tree and Jonas

*Got to hangout w/Ariana, Rob, and Anna

Good times for all and looking forward to more :)