Things to do by the end of 2006...

It's been a half a year already and looking at my goal sheet next to my bed, I really need to start kicking my motivational level up a notch. So I'm putting it in writing again, what I said and want to do by December. For some reason, my energy level is a lot higher when I work under pressure. If I take each day as it goes, I think this year will just go. When it comes to projects, I honestly need a deadline to psyche myself out.

Activities & Projects List:

1) Pink Hammock - Book Review Site w/Maybeth
2) Beauty/Skincare Site for Women of Color w/Het
3) Finish creating jewelry collection to bring to store
4) Family Tree Book/Album
5) Mosaic Piece
6) Research on Daycare
7) Site providing restaurant menus and reviews w/Greg, Tricia, and Jonas
8) Help Het with her Makeup Portfolio
9) Research Scuba Diving with Maybeth
10) Research Real Estate Agent Class with Yajaira
11) Take yoga classes with Greg

K, it's on like donkey kong. It's time to knock this stuff out. I already feel at peace looking at a list to do than letting everything run in my head. I vow that if I have a free weekend to keep it free and work on my list. Can't wait for the fun to begin! =)