I cannot believe the whole month of June just flashed before my eyes. I have so much to catch up on and so many pics to post as always. Last month included:

- Late May - went to the Bridge of Nowhere for Theresa's Birthday to go bungee jumping. It was fun and an experience I will always remember. We had to go on a 10 mile hike, playing cliffhanger and crossing rivers to get to our jumping site. Talk about roughin' it, we had to do things we never did before...haha...fun memories to think back on =). That night, Greg and I went to Sheryl's graduation party at Ivar. Congrats Sheryl!! We're so proud of you future lawyer! My Legally Brunette! :D

- Mom & Jim's Birthday celebration at the Dim Sum Restaurant near our home. Good times with family =) My mom is 48 years old this year and brother is 23. Time flies! I am very grateful for their health and hope this year brings much more happiness and joy to them=)

- Greg and Grace throwing my 26th Birthday with delicious food as always. They're the best!! Thanks for all my friends that came out to celebrate! I love you all and life would not be the same without you.

- Yajaira's Birthday at the Mayan. It was so much fun, the music was awesome and we got to learn a few moves from the instructor of "you think you can dance." Yajaira was my roomie from college. I love this girl, she can make you laugh all the time. Very funny, understanding, and kind-hearted is what I describe her to be =)

- Met up with my buddy Reema and her husband, Shadi at the Middle Eastern Festival. It was so great seeing her again! I miss those long walks and talks on the Brooklyn Bridge everday at our NYC internship. Those are memories I will never forget.

- El Torito happy hour with Yajaira, Lids, and Theresa. Can't beat a deal like El Torito! Good appetizers and margaritas under $10 =)

- El Torito again with Tricia and Jonas! We were trying to get into happy hour, however missed it by an hour. But we still had a great time. It was was the El Torito Grill in Sherman oaks. I love their taquitos.

- Diem's going away party - we celebrated for her at Wokano in Old Town Pasadena and went to Medieval Times again. I met Diem through Thitam and it's so sad that she's leaving when just met last year =( She's very sweet and fun. She's going back to San Jose to be with her family. Good luck on your pharmacy exam, I'll be sending some prayers out to you!

- Met up with Carol for happy hour at El Torito. It was so nice hanging out with her, I miss working with the girl. We got to catch up over margaritas and shopped around the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Seems like I should be customer of the month at El Torito eh? Then we watched, "The Devil Wears Prada." I loved it, brought great memories of when I was in New York....where I worked, ate, and hungout. I miss NY and my friends out there - shoutout to Roobster, Mia, Jas, Christine, Arnold, Grace, Sean and Anne! I hope to see you guys soon!

- Attended makeup artistry workshops with Het in Pasadena. It was fun and we got to meet Eve Pearl. She's amazing and kind. One of the most famous makeup artist and worked on The View, All My Children, and for many celebrities at the Emmy's. Later on that evening, we went to Prom Night for Maybeth's coworkers' bday party. I had so much fun! We had a choice of dressing sleek and chic or puffy and pretty. We were living it up like 1998 again! Sunday, attended the workshop with Het again. I swear we were on a Rubio's tacos diet, we had two days straight. It's so good though! I'm all about the shrimp tacos with my green salsa :D At night, Het and I met up with Theresa and Reena for dinner at CPK. I definitely recommend the shrimp scampi pizza. Yummm!!

- Went to San Diego with Greg for a relaxing weekend, just some down time for R&R and caught up on so many movies. We saw Million Dollar Baby and Click. Click was very good, in terms of the message about family. As for Million Dollar Baby, it was the complete opposite. It was sad and disheartening at the same time. After the movies, we started practicing salsa with the new dvd I bought! It's so much fun! Definetly a great find since they explained it very well. The instructor is a famous instructor named Tenia. Check her out =)

Last June was a great month! Got to spend time with family and friends....I can't complain at all....I just wish I had more time, but don't we all =)