Nadia's Graduation in Ann Arbor

Tricia and I took a trip to Ann Arbor to visit Nadia for her graduation from law school. I can't believe she's done with school already. I still can remember her telling me she was taking the GMAT. How time flies after you graduate right? :)

In addition to celebrating with Nadia, I was able to meet up with my sponsors. Some of the most loving people I know in this world. Peg and John are two people who my family will always hold dear to their heart. Without them, my future could have taken a different route. They are amazing, selfless, and hold every characteristic that truly inspire me to become a better person.

John, Me, Peg's Granddaughter, and Peg

Nadia, Me, Mikey, and Tree


Law School Graduation

Chandra, Me, Tree, and Mikey

Mikey, Eliane, Mimi, Roy, and Patrice

Roy & Nadia

University of Michigan - Graduation Ceremony

Congrats Nads!!