Catching up....

It was Thitam's Birthday last month! She turned 26 and to me she's just one more year wiser, beautiful, and great. She's my best friend and childhood buddy since I was a whopping seven years old and we've been friends for almost 20 years! For her birthday this year, I took her out to dinner at this Italian place in Redondo Beach called, Frascati Ristorante & Bar. I must admit, it's one of the best Italian restaurants I've experienced. We had spicy calamari and vegetables as an appetizer. For our main course, it was scallops on risotto and pumpkin filled ravioli with a honey-almond glaze. Then to top it all off, we had an apple cobbler and a scoop of ice cream. It was delish! I loved it :)…

Happy Birthday Thitam!!!

She also had a party that Saturday at her place and I got spend some time with her friends and family. It was a lot of fun, our buddies from salsa class even came out to celebrate J The next morning, Thitam and I went to the confirmation mass and dinner for the kids.

Tuesday, April 11th was a continuation of the celebration of her birthday, she held an Aura Party. It was so much fun! The whole session of the aura party included aura reading and photo, chakra meditation, and the cutting of the chords. It was a small group of us having appetizers and wine, chit chatting the night away. We each took a picture reading off our aura and I thought it was pretty interesting.

My aura colors were bright gold and green. Supposedly, it means I’m a healer and being a nurse would probably be a great career for me. Me, needles, and blood? I don’t think so =\. Something that excited me about the party was the Angel Game. We get to ask questions to the Angel and they’ll respond with an answer. I asked about my life purpose and career.

Then, we had the cutting of the chords. If there is any negative energy that you or someone else is exuding towards you, they would cut it off. I found out that I did not have any chords, but there was a residual sadness in my heart and for me to experience even greater joy, I must let it go. I knew exactly what she was talking about and after we got into the healing of the heart, I promise two days later the sadness was gone.

On Holy Thursday, Thithoa, Maryann, and I did the liturgical dancing for my parish. Theresa and Lidia came out that night too! It meant so much to me J Later on that evening, we all went to go see “Failure to Launch.” It was pretty entertaining, but I think everyone can wait till it comes out on DVD :)

The next day, I went to have dim sum with my childhood buddy, Keri and got to spend time with her daughter. She is so cute! She’s six months and one of the best-behaved babies I know. She trying to eat congee with us and would try to grab the food herself when we were not paying attention. Too funny, so adorable!

Later on that evening, I went over Thitam’s house and hung out with her, Maile, and Rosie. We watched “Three’s Companies” and “Shall We Dance.” We just spent a night of guilt-free pleasures from chips, dips, chocolates, and etc. :)

There was a moment… after watching “Shall We Dance” and seeing how diesel JLo and the Pussycat Dolls were, we all mentioned, “Gosh, I’m going to workout so hard….I want to be cut…yada yada yada.” A few minutes later, Thitam comes out with mochi ice cream and asks, “Mochi ice cream anyone?” Maile and I without hesitation, “Oooh, yes please.” There goes our strong will eh? At least it lasted for 2 minutes :)

On Saturday, I took an easy day and just slept in, then went to mass for the evening. I also was able to clean my closet and organize my shoes. I know, I’m such a dork sometimes, but organization keeps me at peace. When I see clutter within my own mess, I tend to get a little claustrophobic. So what I did to organize my shoes and wear them more often, I took pictures of them, which I learned from my buddy, Nadia and will be posting it outside of the box. This way, I will use them more and they will no longer be hidden in some corner. Hopefully this strategy will work :)...

Easter Sunday I spent the whole day at home cleaning and eating. It was nice to get some errands out of the way and just relax at home.

On the weekend of the 21st of April, Greg and I went to San Diego with Tree and Jonas to celebrate their anniversary! It was a lot of fun. On Friday night, we went to Extraordinary Desserts. It was definitely one of the best desserts venues I’ve ever experienced. The next morning, we went jet skiing and had a grand time at Medieval Times. A night I will never forget J Sunday, we took it easy by starting the morning off at the spa and later on went home.

Happy Anniversary to one of the Sweetest couples I know :D

Last weekend of April, I went to Diem’s birthday party at Dar Maghreb, a Moroccan restaurant on Sunset. For the past two weekends, I’ve been going to places where there are no utensils and learned how to eat with my hands. I finally know how to appreciate it since you eat slower and enjoy the food more.

Happy Birthday Diem!!!

Saturday morning, Greg and I went Deep Sea Fishing in the Marina. It was so much fun! It was in honor of Jonas’ birthday and Tricia organized it. Greg and I caught 11 fish together! Later on that evening, we went to C&O’s for Jonas’ birthday dinner. Happy happy birthday Jonas!! :D

Birthday Boy - Sonaj :D

What a month, definitely a memorable April...full of celebrations :D