Out of touch....

For the past month, I have been on break with my computer not by choice :(

It's been "sick," from motherboard to videocard, downloading to different servers, and buying and exchanging potential solutions...I developed more vocabulary into my conversational computer language than fixing the computer itself. I honestly had no idea how dependent I was on the computer till now, I do not get to blog as often, upload pictures, chat, and research. It's all good, I learned to be less dependent on it and focus on other things. I must admit though, I feel disconnected.....

For a recap what's been happening the past month:

wine tasting with the girls

salsa classes mondays

stomach flu (this was horrible)

made another pair of earrings

went to have tapas with liz and het at AOC, this place is delish :)

met up with my childhood buddy, john

greg was in toronto

discovered ruffels' "all-dressed" and lay's "ketchup" chips...these are the best!

went to special games and met cindy

hiking in palos verdes with maybeth and greg

maui (sigh) ...had an incredible time with greggy, just hanging out, relaxing, and eating....

Other than that, everything has been pretty good...I've been keeping myself busy reading and listening to two books that I definitely recommend, "Freakanomics" and "How to Win Friends and Influence People."