To begin, Happy Birthday Dad!

One fond memory I will never forget about my dad is how he always took out the time after school to spend time with my brothers and I. He would always pick up new videos and magazines to help us learn how to create various shading techniques, painting, and draw pictures in our notebooks. (Sigh) The good old days, when the word "responsiblity" never existed...

Last Friday, a group of us went out to John's home for his birthday. I've known John since I was a sophomore at Loyola Marymount pledging for DSP. It has been almost 7 years since I've known him and he is still the same John, nice, down-to-earth, and my cool pledge bro. Happy Birthday buddy!! :D

The food was delish at the party and we were all able to learn a couple of things from his girlfriend, Amy about labor since she's a nurse. Things I had no idea about and found interesting. After the conversation, adoption sounds more comforting and the way to go ;D

1) Giving birth to the placenta, which looks like a snake and then the baby comes out.

2) There is a new thing called the breast flab, where they take the fat from the stomache area and put in on the chest after labor. Supposedly, this is not considered surgery although it is to enhance.

3) #2 comes out and hemroids may be caused due to pushing too much.

4) Epaderal is not only to numb the pain during labor, but left on you for the following three days to help reduce pain.

John's Birthday

Maybeth at the pool table....

Theresa and Maybeth strategizing their next move...

On Saturday, Greg and I helped out with the celebration of youth ministry at St. Monica. It's a beautiful church with an amazing choir. Greg participated in the mass as a Eucharastic Minister and I read the petition in my language. He wore a barong, which is a Filipino dress shirt made out of pineapple and silk/cotton threads and I wore the traditional Vietnamese dress, "ao dai." The mass was really nice because it incorporated many languages in songs, readings, petitions, and etc. I loved how the mass exemplified unity within many cultures. Theresa, Lidia, and Erik...thanks so much for coming out! :D

Sunday morning, Greg, Jonas, Tricia and I went to Santa Ana to get our haircuts and celebrate Tree's Birthday! My beloved friend, whom I've known since I was 14, freshman year in high school. We met in PE and I remember going up to her for the first time and asked if she was Vietnamese since her last name was Nguyen. It was just rare to even run into an Asian person in my high school, so meeting someone from my country was a pleasant surprise :) From then on, we became friends and even went to the same college together. If I could describe her, I would say that she is one of the most carefree people I know, loving, family-oriented, and a great friend and girlfriend to Jonas. She'll always support you no matter what decision you make as long as you're happy and I can always laugh, talk, or do anything with her.

We had brunch at Favori, a new French-Vietnamese restaurant in Santa Ana. The food was great and definitely a venue I recommend. The best Thai Iced Tea I ever had =)

Happy Birthday Tree!

That night, I made Key-Lime Pie for my other friend's birthday, John Leary. So many Aquarius friends, it must be the air sign connection (fyi: Greg makes fun of me for believing in astrology, but I think it's great to see the connection of personality and date of birth.) John Leary is my childhood buddy since I was 12 years old. He's a great cook, golfer, and fisher and he's getting married this year to a wonderful girl, Karen! Tricia and I are helping them out with their wedding, which is coming up this July. Looking forward to it!! :D

Key-Lime Juice for the pie (notice the spelling?...I bought this at Ralphs)

Key-Lime Pie

Yesterday, I made Greg's gift for Valentine's Day, a shadowbox picture frame with momentos of all the places we have visited and things we share...