Going on 25 since yesterday, I am still in denial that I have entered the first phase of my "quarter life crisis. " :) How can I describe the feeling of this type of crisis? I guess to put it in short, it's like living your life as it was your last year on earth. I end up in deep thoughts reconsidering what I have done this year and reevaluate everything in my life, including career choices, relationships, life decisions, taking on new hobbies, and how to improve myself as an overall human being. The current theme of this type of crisis is self-evaluation.

It is difficult to approach because we seldom take the time to reflect on life when we are caught up in it....some people say, what you do not know will not hurt you. I believe otherwise, what you do not know will hurt you. We choose not to question because we rather ignore it and it is easier and comfortable, mainly because of that fear of doubt. But when we do take the time to choose the path of least resistance, it's when the will of God takes over and everything will fall into place. One thing I have learned this past year is to let go and accept that if there is a will, there will always be a way :).

This past weekend I was able to spend my birthday with my loving family, friends, and boyfriend. Greg and his sister, Grace prepared a meal that I will never forget. They are two of the best cooks I know :) They made chicken curry, crab-stuffed mushrooms, palabok, pasta, chicken adobo, salad, and shanghai lumpias. For dessert, it was banana cream pie! Yummm!

After dinner, I opened my gifts and it was so sweet. They really shouldn't have, there presence alone made me happy :)....Sheryl made me a cute, baby blue scarf, Thitam put a picture frame together from our teenager pics till now, pretty tops from Deva and Theresa, adorable pj's from Grace, a spiritual book from Thithoa, picture frames and scrapbook pages from Greg, and a donation to a charitable organization from Maybeth.

Afterwards, we all went to a comedy club, called the "Laugh Factory." It was so much fun and famous comedian, Dane Cook was there to entertain also :D. I was laughing so hard that I got teary-eyed and my eyelashes started sticking together.

The next morning, I went to lunch with Tricia and Jonas, where they introduced me to my new plumbing and yoga kit...loved it! :D

Banana Cream Pie

The Chefs - Grace and Greg...they're awesome :)

The Feast....

My wish: "Thank you God for a wonderful group of friends and family. May they always be blessed with great health, happiness, and love."