During mid-January, I took my first trip out to San Juan, Puerto Rico with Theresa and Sandy. I had an amazing time discovering the beauty of this country with good company. The views were breathtaking and the food was delish! It was definitely one of my favorite trips next to Vietnam and Hawaii.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Sebastian Festival - This is Puerto Rico's version of Mardi Gras. During the day, thousands of families drive from all parts of the island to walk around and take a look at the latest offering from local artists and artisans who are selling their goods in the city. At night, this is big celebration where more than 250,000 people make their way to the Old City to participate in the festivities including dancing, performances, and shopping.

Rio Camuy Cave Park- The Camuy Caves is the third largest cave system in the world. It is said that Camuy derives its name from a word used by the Indians "camuy", which means sun. Others seem to think it was named after a river by the Indians when they crossed this region. Inside the cave, we were able to see stalactites, stalagmites, and bats.

San Cristobal Castle - This is the largest fortification ever built by the Spanish in the New World. It was designed to protect the city from land invasions.

El Morro Castle - A six level castle overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and San Juan Bay.