Within the last twenty minutes of my final grad course, my professor asked us to pull out a piece of paper and pencil in seven descriptions of how we would like to be remembered this lifetime. Not only did he share with us his list, but he also left us with some thoughtful advice. He reminded us to turn on our blinkers and be mindful of the times where we may drive ahead. He emphasized the importance of acknowledging those allowing us to pass through and exercising this compassion.

This Advent season, I am in a complete state of peace and gratefulness...for the memories created and the relationships fostered along the way. The year of 2010 has been a beautiful story unfolding with me as a witness to the experiences of a wedding, anniversary, newborn, baptism, birthday celebrations, and casual conversations. Thank you to all of the footprints crossing path with Greg and I, you are always in our thoughts and we wish all of you a memorable and heartfelt holiday season.