About two months ago, Greg and I booked our honeymoon to Jamaica. We were daydreaming of days relaxing on the beach, reggae, ackee and Jamaican patties. Blasting Caribbean Queen by Billy Ocean for three weeks, I sadly found out later from Air Jamaica that there will be no more direct flights from LAX to Jamaica going forward. Consequently, they canceled our flight and Greg and I took this as a sign.

Two weeks ago, Greg and I were brainstorming over dinner of where we can possibly visit and we decided on Paris and Barcelona! Aside from the romantic component of Paris, we found it as a good excuse to visit Grace and Quinn. Also, as an avid fan of Dan Brown and his books, I have always been fascinated to visit the Louvre Museum and the other landmarks noted in his novels.

As for Barcelona, we both enjoy listening to flamenco music, exploring the culture and its extraordinary artistic heritage of Spanish artists such as Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris. Most importantly, Barcelona is the mecca of skateboarding and Greg has always fancied the idea of skating in Barcelona and meeting his skateboarding friends.

Two moons ago, I came home late from class and found Greg asleep in bed. Instead of working on my final project and presentation that evening, I thought it was a better idea to book our honeymoon because it made me feel good and doing my project did not whirl the same emotions :). After researching a couple of flights, I narrowed down the list to the ideal price and time. Immediately, I clicked to continue the purchase and filled out our personal info, seat preference and form of payment. It was ready and set to go, I just had to consult with my better half. Leaving the confirm page up on my computer, I walked into our bedroom quietly, shook his right shoulder and whispered,"Greg, I need to talk to's kind of important."

He turned around, opened one of his eyes halfway and responded, "K..."

"Well, I'm booking our flight right now and it's a great deal! I just need to make sure if you're able to just take a half day on Thursday to make it to our flight. Then, we'll come back Saturday so you can recover from the time change on Sunday. What do you think?"

"Sounds good babe...thanks for organizing it," he muffled.

"Wait...are you sure? I just want to check to see if you're okay with the time. What if you wake up the next morning and not realize what had happen?" I asked.

"Geez babe, I'm sleepy...not drunk," he replied.

Excited and laughing at his statement, I accepted his comment as a final response and clicked the "confirm" tab. It's official, we're honeymooning in Pah-reeeh and Barcelona!