My mind has been elsewhere as of late. On Sunday evening, I received a phone call from my mom to find out that my dad has been experiencing vision loss the last few days. After his cataract surgery a few months ago, he was able to see far on his right and near on his left. He did not complain about his condition and used each eye separately for its specific function. Throughout the recovery process, he was hoping the pair would stabilize at one point. However, within the last week, he was not able to see at all.

We had an appointment this past Monday with their ophthalmologist and each moment in that room continues to replay in mind. Witnessing my dad struggling to answer what he sees on the vision chart along with my mom's eyes filled with concern was truly difficult. For the first time in my life, I actually felt the roles have been reversed...I was the one responsible for asking the appropriate questions, performing the research, and making the decision for my parents. Separating my emotions to make sure my decision was conscious and thought out was one of the most challenging aspects throughout this process. To be quite honest, I feared of making the wrong choice.

Tomorrow, he is scheduled for his surgery and I am praying for his safe recovery and ability to see again. I love you, Dad.