Cranberry Spritzer

After a nice, long run in Santa Monica yesterday, I decided to stop by Ralphs to pick up ingredients for a Cranberry Spritzer to quench my thirst. Greg was on his way home and called to check my whereabouts, "Hey...what are you up to?"

"Just got back from running in Santa Monica and now I'm enjoying a Cranberry Spritzer at home," I responded as I gulped down my glass.

He then laughs at me and says, "Who are you?"

This is the same husband, who was sore the evening before from a Crossfit workout and gave my Eucalyptus bath salts a chance. To his surprise, he had the best sleep in awhile that evening and the muscle aches were relieved. So dear husband, please have faith in my spa remedies :)

If you're curious to try the spritzer, the recipe is's tasty and most importantly, good for you!

Cranberry Spritzer

Fill the glass with ice
1/2 Cranberry Juice
1/2 Pineapple Juice
A Splash of Club Soda