Daily Practice

Within the last 20 minutes of descending into Los Angeles last night, Greg turned over to me and whispered,"Let's discuss our goals for this year."

Exchanges took place in discussing our goals for our career, relationships, community, health, mind and spirituality. As of the past week, Greg and I began practicing the Ignatian Examen every evening before going to bed and our goal is to incorporate this practice for the rest of our lives. In this Examen, it allows us to be more mindful of our actions and thoughts and help us experience God and shape our own experiences. It is also a way for Greg and I to open our lines of communication and take it to a deeper level and understanding, enabling us to be "present" and of support to one another.

In the Examen, Greg and I share the following:

- Where has God been present in this day?
- When did I fail?
- Where do I need to be attentive and responsive tomorrow?
- What am I thankful for?

Coming home from Vancouver completed one week of our Ignatian Examen...Greg's dad always mentioned it takes 21 days to establish a habit...we're hoping to be mindful of it the following weeks...

Here are some pictures from our Vancouver trip:










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