"You guys are up next...when you get on stage, make sure to dance," she whispered to our group.

Wide-eyed, I looked at her with hesitation as I tried to swallow her request. Seconds later, "Whoomp! (There It Is)" played in the background and she motioned us to get on stage. Under the impression that it was supposed to be a quick walk for a fashion show, I was mortified to dance. It became the longest two minutes of my middle school career.

Thinking back to that particular moment, I could only laugh remembering the awkwardness of being a teenager. From my unibrow and mom pulling me out of karate because she thought I was becoming rough, I am grateful that being a teenager only happens once. About two weeks ago, I toasted to 30 years of life. Celebrating in one of our favorite destinations, the entire weekend in Santa Barbara felt like an extended date night. Dancing to my own beat, I am thankful for my partner, family, friends, career, and life. Did I forget to mention Hachi too? Turning 30 doesn't feel so dirty after all.