Dream Assignment

Today, I stumbled across the Name Your Dream Assignment site. The purpose of the site is to show the world through your own lens. Without hesitation, I decided to post my dream assignment to have something to look back on and see if I accomplished it one way or another in years to come.

Here was my post:

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The Human Spirit by Tam Lontok

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” - Stephen R. Covey

My dream assignment is to exemplify the meaning of hope and faith throughout the world. Regardless of age, background, culture and religion, I would like to capture and explore the human spirit with its range of emotions. Most importantly, document "life" earnestly and with intent.

The pictures would evolve into a book or website, encompassing quotes from the subjects photographed, time, location and their dream assignment. It is a book or website about the power of listening because to understand a person, it begins by listening to their dreams.