Embracing the New Year

A few weeks ago in my yoga class, my instructor quieted our minds by asking us the following question:

Where are you finding your own miracle this holiday season?

She mentioned how a miracle does not always have to be grand and how we can see it through the simplest of notions. It is about being grateful and open to seeing it. She shared how her father passed away years ago and when she visited his resting place this past Thanksgiving, a butterfly flew right in front of her. For her, it was a miracle to know that her father is still with her through the butterfly.
The next day, I was walking to our local market and could not help but think of this past November. Sadness drew upon me as I thought of my grandma, Greg's grandma, the car accident, and being admitted to the ER. Just at that moment, an elderly man walked by and said to me, "God bless you." 
After I thanked him and responded with the likewise phrase, he continued to walk in the store and greeted everyone with the saying, "God bless you."
While I was grabbing my lunch on the side, I glanced over and saw the cashier smiling and asking him, "How are you doing, Jack?"
With his cane propping him, he responded joyfully, "I'm alive!"
Hearing those simple words allowed for me to experience this season's miracle. The gift of being alive and present. Thank you, Jack.
Hope you are all having a wonderful start this new year...much positive thoughts to you always. All my best to you in this coming year!