Extended Metaphor

Studying in this peaceful, light gray afternoon, I ran across an interesting piece written by Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea. Beneath the symbols of the old man, the fish, bones, and tourists, we find a metaphor about life and what can happen when we pursue our goals and dreams. If we extend the metaphor further, we can even relate it to our own experience. I am utterly amazed of how one excerpt can reveal an entire story and capturing a circle of emotions. Speechless....

An old man gets in a small boat and goes fishing on the ocean for what might be his last trip (he's pretty old, remember). He catches the fish of a lifetime and spends many pages bringing it in. It is so big that he has to keep it next to the boat. As he returns home, his prize fish is attacked and destroyed by sharks. All that is left of his wonderful fish is the skeleton. The old man sails one way and the skeleton floats to another part of the island. Later, the skeleton washes on shore and some tourists see it. They comment that a storm must have killed the fish.

It exemplifies that no one beyond the person who struggles to achieve a goal sees the difficulty inherent in the task or experiences the disappointment when it does not work out.