As a memorabilia, our students create writing samples for every season of the year. Once the year is complete, the samples are collected and bound into a class book. The book is stored in the library and the students are welcome to view it and see their progression throughout the years.

Today, the students had to complete a writing sample with the following prompt:

I stuck my nose in a rose and.....

After the students complete their one page writing sample, they were to color the background around the piece. For this particular sample, the students had to color in the flowers. One of the boys made a comment and said, "Ewww...I don't like coloring flowers. Flowers are for girls."

The other boy chimed in, " are girly. I don't want to color."

Immediately, one of my girls responded back to him and said, "I don't understand your little fuss about flowers because one day, when you grow're going to have to wear a flower on your shirt when you get married."

"No...that's not true...I don't have to do that when I get married," he replied.

Silly kids...hahaha...