Most of my favorite childhood memories took place at the beach and passing by Loyola Marymount University along the way. In the backseat of my family car, I would look out my left window and gaze up to the letters, LMU. Observing from below, I was constantly fascinated by its architecture and how peaceful it appeared. Going to the beach was an escape and safe haven for my family and a time to reflect upon my eldest brother. As time passed, I began associating the calmness of the beach to the school. When I discovered the letters, LMU, stood for Loyola Marymount University in the 5th grade, I remembered tapping my parents' shoulders from the backseat and saying, "Mom...Dad...I'm going to go to LMU one day..."

Twenty years have passed from that moment and on Mother's Day, I was overjoyed of the footprint that Loyola Marymount University has impressed upon me a second chance to build a better understanding about what life means to me. This reminds me of a commencement speech by Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the progressive news website, The Huffington Post. She emphasized on following our own truth, despite criticism and discouragement and if we truly believe we are change agents, we need to accept that we will not be approved all the time. If change is part of our to-do list, we need to captivate our own fearlessness. She reminds us that the people who succeed, fail many times along the way because failure is an essential part of life. It is the stepping stone to success and if we have not failed, then we have not tried anything big enough.