Happy HOO-lloween!

Thursday evening, I decided to venture to Jo-Ann Fabrics and Ralphs to pick up items for my Halloween costume, which included the following:

2 yards of dark and light grey felt
fabric glue
tacky glue
3 yards of grey ribbon
white marabou boa
2 oversize yellow buttons
2 black buttons
2 copper scouring pads
yellow rubber glove
cotton balls

While I was creating my costume, I would ask Greg, "Guess hoooo I'm going to be for halloween?"

I know, I know...so corny, but I honestly cannot help it :D

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for our students and it became mine as well because I know how much it means to them.




Just for fun, guess who Greg was for Halloween?


- He is a Filipino Professional Boxer.
- When he is in action, there is no fighting and crime in the Philippines.

Answer: Manny Pacquiao


Have a safe and fun Halloween!!