Home Remedies

"In the meantime, I would advise you to stay away from shellfish, seafood, tree nuts, peanuts and alcohol," the allergist advised.

Not only did I have to refrain from exercising because it would activate the hives, but thinking of all the events coming up which may include all the above put a frown on my face. For the past week, Greg and I were trying to figure out what could possibly trigger my hives to consume my whole entire body and face, but nothing seemed to be reasonable.

Everyday, my mom has been real sweet about checking up on me. One evening, we had our first aha moment! She mentioned how we use the All brand detergent because it was hypo-allergenic versus the Tide Liquid detergent Greg and I were using for all of our clothes and household items. We then decided to wash all of our sheets, towels and clothes over and my hives eventually calmed down.

As we were on our way to San Diego to celebrate Father's Day with Greg's family, we called my house and my mom picked up. Mom was excited and exclaimed, "Tam! I have a cure for you...I have these Chinese herbs at home to fix your symptoms."

"Mom...I'm fine...it's an allergic reaction to the Tide detergent...the Chinese herbs are not going to help."

Adamantly, she responded, "Tam..don't you want to get better? My coworkers use it all the time and it helps with their immune system...these Chinese herbs work!"

"Mom, I'm okay...I have allergies...it's not about my immune system....can I please speak to dad?" I laughed.

She finally agreed and passed the phone to my dad as Greg and I shouted, "Happy Father's Day!!! We can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow night!"

Thanks Dad for always being so wonderful and being my own Chinese herb for life! =)