Before dismissal, I asked one of my students to pick up a folder at the front of the office and upon coming back, his face was long as he slightly tossed the folder on the table. Immediately, I approached him to make sure he was okay. Tears fell down and he belted the words, "I'm not okay...I've been having bad days lately."

"Is this something at home?" I asked.

He responded, "Yes, but no one can help me and not even my mom."

My hand touched his shoulder and I said, "Let's go outside and talk about this...."

Facing each other as we were sitting on the ground, I asked, "K, it's only us...if you are able to tell me what's bothering you...maybe I can find a way to help you even if I can't do it myself....why have your days been bad lately?"

"It started a few days ago, (Girl's Name) started to tell me ghost stories and ever since then, I've been losing sleep at night...I can't sleep because I am so scared..."

Right when he told me his story, I was able to recollect on my own experiences and shared, "Well (Name), if it makes you feel any better. I'm a lot older than you and still get scared of ghost stories. Did you know when I was 7 years old, I was not supposed to see a scary Rated R movie about a clown and I did? I was so scared that I could not even sleep and the next day when I went to school, the teacher took us to the restroom for break and I began crying. My teacher asked me what was wrong and all I could say was that I was terrified because a clown might pop out. But eventually, I got used to the idea by sleeping with a nightlight and maybe that would probably help you too?"

He started giggling and opened up a little more, "Also, it's been hard because I see these shows on TV lately, where they would show the houses and things moving and trying to find out the reason behind it."

"First of all, you should not even be watching those kind of me, I would be scared too at this age."

"You would?" he asked.

"Of course, I would....If I saw what you saw, I would run to Mr. Lontok and start crying."

Then, he started laughing and it made me smile to see him smile. Oh television, I wonder what my teachers were thinking when I was crying about a clown popping out of the toilet.