Log Sheet

A few weeks ago, I was rhythmically scraping off water drops with my shower squeegee to only find two eyes peering from the side in the midst of steam surrounding us. With a gasp, my jaw dropped as I could not fathom the thought that he was actually inspecting my efforts while brushing his teeth.

Other instances would involve me washing my face and after tucking the towel on the rack, he would say, "Tam, do you always have to baptize the sink every time you wash your face?" or "I didn't know it was Passover already."

Then, I would usually follow it with a laugh and say, "Geez supervisor, maybe I should start a log sheet for every time I go to the bathroom with a column for time in and time out..."

All kidding aside, I am grateful to experience "life" with him and how do I show my thankfulness in true Vietnamese fashion? I feed him. Thank you Greg for always accepting me along with all of my idiosyncrasies! :)

Below are some photos of our 'dinner night in' from last week and my attempt in making mushroom risotto and anchovies caesar salad. To raise our glasses and be mindful of the wonderful blessings in the lives of our family and friends, a bottle of wine was deemed necessary to celebrate. Cheers!!