Marilyn and Marc

They were in front of each other all along...

As friends, they were able to learn how to care and respect one another and as partners, they were able to take their relationship into new depths and meaning. It was only a matter of time for life to take its course in allowing them to experience one other.

"Love seeks what is best for the beloved...God's plan is what is good for us, not just what is good for God..."

To document their love, we decided to have a photo session where it all began...Loyola Marymount University. Congrats Marilyn and Marc!! Looking forward to seeing you guys next month at the same place, but different time ;)

DSC_6436marilyn and marc

DSC_6502marilyn and marc

DSC_6472marilyn and marc

DSC_6589marilyn and marc

DSC_6702marilyn and marc

DSC_6489marilyn and marc

DSC_6719marilyn and marc

DSC_6772marilyn and marc

DSC_6895marilyn and marc

DSC_6938marilyn and marc

To see more of their photos, please check out their slideshow:

Marilyn and Marc - Engagement