Events resulting from the Vietnam war led my parents, brother and cousin to become refugees in 1980. They left Vietnam to Thailand in hope of a new future in America. On their journey, they experienced a heavy current with thunderstorms hovering their rickety craft. Not too far away from land, the parents decided to have their children on a separate boat and have them arrive on shore first. After loading each child on board, all the parents held on to hope...several waves passed through and the children were sailing along in the midst of the rain and dark evening sky. In one blink, a violent surf passed through and the boat was nowhere to be seen. In quiet tears and embrace, my parents witnessed the lost of their first born son and nephew.

My brother, Minh - Age 3


Upon waking up this morning, my heart wrenched as I read the headlines of the 5.9 aftershocks in Haiti and later on the day, receiving a text from a friend displaying:

Do you or anyone you know have access to higher ups at Red Cross? 43 babies at the orphanage in Mountains of Port-Au-Prince Haiti. 27 confirmed dead. Need doctors ASAP, our relief group can't hang...

Images of people suffering, dying, losing their family played in my mind throughout the entire day....

If you would like to assist in any way, please help donate to our friend's relief mission as funds are used immediately for aid:

Haiti Relief Mission

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